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If you would like to share some knowledge with the community, feel free to write an article on Hiberstack. If your article will be of interest and use to our community, we will gladly accept your content contribution, edit and format it (if required), and publish it on the site, giving you author credit in the about the author section of the article page, which will include your bio and links to your website. To send the article, follow the instructions below.

Instructions for Writing

  1. The content should be original.
  2. If your article contains installation or working of any tool, make sure the tools you are mentioning are open source tools and free to use.
  3. Make sure that the article that you are writing has at least 300 + words.

How to Submit?

You can either send your article as a .doc .docx or .odt document to [email protected] or you can write and submit the post directly from our website. Follow the below steps to submit the post from the website

  1. Create a free account on Hiberstack.
  2. Go to your profile from top-right corner.
  3. In the options, search and click on Submit Post.
  4. Write the article, select the appropriate categories and tags and click on the Submit Post button at the bottom right corner.

After submitting the post, it will be held for verification. We may contact you in case of any further requirements or if any changes has to be done in the article. Once the verification is done, the post will be Published to our Blog section.

Where to find your Posts?

You can find all your posts in your profile. Go to your profile and click on the Blog option.


Happy Writing.