How to configure maven and git in jenkins

For Git: In Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Global Tool Configuration -> for Git, provide the name as git and path as /usr/bin/git (or the path where git is installed) For Maven: In Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Global Tool Configuration -> for Maven, click on Add Maven -> uncheck the Install automatically checkbox -> provide the name as maven and path as /usr/share/maven (or the path where maven is installed)

object apache is not a member of package org

This error is thrown when the libraries required for the code are not included in the project. You need to include the libraries in the build.sbt file. Create a build.sbt file in your project and add the below lines in it,

Unable to read avro file in spark

You need the databricks avro jar to read an avro file. Execute the below command to download the jar file Now add this jar while starting the spark-shell Now you can read the avro file