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java cannot find symbol class Scanner

You need to import the Scanner class to your program so that you can create an object with the help of it. Add the below line at the top of your program, Execute the program now and the error should not be thrown.

su: warning: cannot change directory. No such file or directory

The error is thrown because the home directory is not created for the user ‘user1’. Execute the below command, Go to the last line and add the below line in the file, Save and exit. Now execute the command to change the user and the error should not be thrown.

Not able to access Jenkins dashboard on Windows

If you are connected to a VPN, disconnect and then try to access Jenkins on the browser with URL localhost:8080. If you have installed tomcat in your windows, then you will have to stop the tomcat service or change the port of either tomcat or Jenkins (as both these services by default run on port…

Failed to open TCP connection to puppet:8140 (getaddrinfo: Name or service not known)

You need to add the public IP of your puppet master instance in both master and slave instances. Execute the below command in both the instances, Add the public IP of your master instance and puppetserver name. For example, Change the public IP as per your instance.

why to use metastore in hive instead of hdfs file system ?

Metastore is the central repository of Apache Hive metadata. It stores metadata for Hive tables (like their schema and location) and partitions in a relational database. The storage system for the metastore should be optimized for online transactions with random accesses and updates. A file system like HDFS is not suited since it is optimized…

cannot access the service deployed on a kubernetes cluster on the browser

Most probably the port is not accessible. You need to create a firewall rule to allow the port in GCP. Follow the below steps, In GCP, view your instance right-click on the icon near ssh and choose “View network details”. Click on “Create Firewall Rule”. Configure the firewall rule like mentioned below, Name: all traffic…

Docker container not running after restart

Most probably the container has exited and therefore you are not able to access the web page. Check if the container is still running or not with the below command, If you don’t see the container running, then execute the below command to run the container again, You should be able to access the web…

how to install chromedriver and chrome browser in centos

Execute the below commands to install Chromedriver, Execute the below commands to install Chrome Browser,

Ansible: Could not match supplied host pattern, ignoring: web

Check the group name in the inventory file if it is web or something else. Enter the correct name in the ansible command and the issue should be resolved.