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how to create a table in sql

Create table query: This will create a table named ‘test’ with 2 columns ‘id’ and ‘name’ Insert query:

‘docker build’ requires exactly 1 argument

You need to provide the Dockerfile path as well in the command. If your Dockerfile is in the current location and the name is either dockerfile or Dockerfile, then you can provide . at the end of the command. If not, you need to provide the complete path instead of . with -f parameter.

VBoxManage Syntax error: Not enough parameters

Since you have space in the path of your vdi file, you need to quote the complete path. Execute the below command,

AWS free tier account is being charged

AWS provides a monthly limit for free usage. Exceeding the limit will incur the charges. Check your monthly usage from the Billing Dashboard section, it may have been exceeded resulting in the charges. Your monthly free limit will reset every month for a year.

Failure to transfer org.apache.maven.plugins

Try the below steps, Maven update (right-click on your project > Maven > Maven update) Clean the project Close eclipse > delete .m2 folder > start eclipse > maven update The location of .m2 folder will be C:\Users\<user>\.m2

Getting error while building ant job in jenkins

You need to configure Ant in Jenkins to build Ant jobs. Follow the below steps to do the same, In Jenkins, Manage Jenkins Global Tool Configuration Ant Add Ant Provide a name (eg: Ant) and keep the checkbox marked Save Build the job now.

How to set JAVA_HOME in ansible playbook

You can make use of lineinfile parameter in ansible. For example, the code will look like below,

Git push does not reflect the changes in the remote repository

Have you added and committed the files (git add and git commit) before pushing the repository? If not, after merging, execute the below commands, Now check the changes in the remote repository.

What do I need to run a .scala file?

You need to compile a .scala file in order to run it. Below is the command to compile a .scala file, This will generate a class file of your program with an extension .class. You need to execute this file in order to generate the output from your program. Below is the command to run…

permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket

You need to run the docker commands with root privileges. You can either switch to the root user with the below command, …and then execute the docker commands normally or else you can write sudo before every docker command you execute.