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No need to say that Microsoft Windows OS has a huge market in the IT industry. A lot of companies prefer to create their working environment in Windows OS rather than Linux. It becomes quite tedious to work on Windows if you already have Linux OS installed in your system. You can dual boot your system to contain both the OS’s but that can be a bit heavy for your system and also you will have to work on either of the OS at a time. So, instead of this, you can create a Windows VM in your Linux OS with the help of VirtualBox or VMware. Or you can create a Windows VM on the cloud platforms such as AWS or GCP or Azure. In this article, we will learn how to create a Windows VM on AWS.

If you prefer Google Cloud Platform over Amazon Web Services, then read our article: How to create a Windows VM on GCP.

Create a Windows VM on AWS

First of all, you will have to create an account on AWS. Once done, head to the instances section and then follow the below steps,

1. In AWS, in the instances section, click on Launch Instance

2. Search for Windows and select Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Base

selecting windows server

3. Keep instance type as t2.micro as it is free to use and click on Next

4. Don’t make any changes in all the next steps. Click on Review and Launch in the 6th Step on the screen.

5. Click on Launch

6. While selecting a key-pair, click on Create a new key pair. Provide a name and click on Download Key Pair.

7. Once the key is downloaded, click on Launch instance.

8. View instances. You will be able to see your instance now.

Connecting to Windows VM

9. Click on the instance > click on Connect

created windows instance on AWS

10. Click on RDP client and then Get Password

11. Upload the key-pair which we downloaded earlier in step 6 and click on Decrypt Password

12. Password will be shown now. Copy it so that we can connect to the VM.

13. Click on Download remote desktop file

downloading remote desktop file

14. Once the file is downloaded, double-click on it and click on Connect

connecting to windows vm
Connecting to Windows VM

15. Provide the password and click on OK button

16. A warning message will be shown, click on Yes option

17. Your Windows system will boot up now

Windows VM on AWS
Windows VM on AWS

Done. To connect to this instance next time, follow the same process from Step.14.

If you are using a macOS, then refer to the section: Connecting to Windows VM from macOS to connect to your Windows VM from mac.


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