Tutorial on form in HTML

Form in HTML

1. What is a form in html ? A Form in HTML can be defined as a tool that is used to collect all the input information from the user for further processing. The forms are created using controls like text boxes, click buttons, radio buttons, checkboxes, list boxes, etc for entering or selecting data …

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Tutorial on frame in html

Frame in HTML

Introduction One can divide the web page screen into a number of different windows at the same time by using the concept called Frames which looks like a rectangle box. Thus a frame allows us to divide the window screen into say sections called frames. These frames which are independent of other frames may perform …

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tutorial on table in html

Table in HTML

Introduction A table in HTML is a two-dimensional matrix consisting of rows and columns. HTML helps you to present the information in a tabular form i.e. in the form of rows and columns. The basic element of the table is the cell (Intersection of Rows and Columns) or the grid. In a table, cells are …

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Tutorial on image tag in html

Image tag in HTML

1. Introduction Image tag in HTML is used to embed images/pictures in a web page as it makes it more attractive than a page worth thousands of words. One can add graphs, images, charts as images in HTML documents either to improve its appearance to present important information. One can create an image using tools …

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Tutorial of lists on html

Lists on HTML

Introduction to Lists on Html The list is a collection of similar items or sequences of your steps. In general, when you visit the restaurant, the waiter shows you a menu that shows a list of items available in different ways or formats. HTML offers authors several mechanisms for specifying lists of information. All lists …

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