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kubeadm init error: ‘curl -sSL http://localhost:10248/healthz’ failed with error

I figured out the issue. The issue is with kubernetes version 1.22. Installing an old version (v1.20.2) will resolve this problem. Complete commands:

found: Unit required: org.apache.spark.sql.Dataset[_]

You should not use the show method in the dataframe (newData). Remove the show method and the error will be resolved. If you want to display the output, you can execute the below statement separately after creating the dataframe

Could not import python modules: apt, apt_pkg Ansible playbook error

Ansible is not pointing to the python3 module in your target machine. You will have to provide the ansible python interpreter path in the playbook using ansible vars module.

How to export HTML table content to excel file

To convert HTML data into excel table you have to insert some script in index.html and create a function onclick that will convert data into excel table as stated below

Docker maven container stops running automatically

The container is exiting because the main process inside it has finished. To keep the container running, you can attach a different entrypoint to the container. Execute the below command, This will keep the container running in the background.

The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available

The error is thrown because the keys are not available. You can download the keys to resolve the issue. Execute the below commands, Now update the packages,

Nagios: check_nrpe state critical socket timeout after 10 seconds

Check if port 5666 is open. If not, execute the below commands, Now execute the check_nrpe command.

Jenkins error: Connection timed out (Connection timed out)

Check if the IP address in the java jar command is as per the current IP of your ec2 instance. The IP shown in the java jar command should be of your master instance. It happens that when you restart your instance, the public IP changes. If the IP is not as per the current…

Not able to access Jenkins dashboard on Windows

Simply restarting Jenkins solved my problem. I followed the below steps, Open the command prompt as an administrator Execute the below commands, Wait for some time and then access the Jenkins dashboard.

Ansible-playbook to start tomcat on windows

You need to use the win_service module to modify any service in Windows using ansible. Below is the sample playbook to start the Tomcat9 service, Change the service name as per the Tomcat version you have installed.